First Rolags on Ashford Blending Board

First Rolags on Ashford Blending Board


For Christmas, I received a gorgeous Ashford Blending board from my Bloke. I didn’t have any fiber to spin so I have had to wait a couple of weeks to be able to use it!

A big box delivery from Adelaide Walker came through the post today and I raced straight upstairs to my Den to start creating.

Ashford Blending board with Adelaide Walker's fiber delivery
Ashford Blending board with Adelaide Walker’s fiber delivery


I have been wanting one for a while, to make my own rolags and batts to spin from! I have been collecting a lot of images on my Pintrest Board “Spinning Inspiration” to give me some ideas on what to design when I eventually got my hands on some fiber.


Above: Purple Tulips: The pintrest image I was inspired by

Below: My fiber colours in Merino wool Fiber tops


Laying out the fiber was so beautiful. There is something really theraputic about laying out colours and laying them, imagining what they’ll look like when you eventually spin them.

Image00003 Image00004
Image00006 Image00007


I wanted to keep the colours separate on the board, so that I would get a gradient-like effect in the wool, plus the suggested “tulip” and the “stem as separate colour blocks. I loved the white in the water colour images I had seen of similar tulips so I wanted to keep the white layer between each shade of purple. I can’t wait to see how they look when I spin them!


Image00009 Image00010






The finished rolags

I am so proud of my first proper rolags. I love the colours, and the colur textures are exactly what I had imagined.

These only took me 1 hr to make, as I had about 130grams of fiber, and I had to load the board about three times to use it up. In fact, I measured out 100grams in the beginning, then added on colours as I realised I ran out of green and had too much purple!

In the next blog I will spin these gorgeous rolags and report back with some lovely wool! How do you think I should spin them? 2 ply? Single? Single with a black thread ply? Oohh the possibilities! Comment below to vote!

Rebecca x

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  • January 8, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    They look gorgeous, I really must think about knitting again!


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