Current Project: School Blanket

I’m going to try and document each of my projects I am working on, and post updates as I go.

Today’s blog: The School Blanket


My Auntie runs a knitting club at her primary school, and the children have been working on small squares to make a blanket. My Auntie asked me to sew them together to create the final blanket and I gladly accepted the challenge!

I didn’t get a picture of all the squares separate, but they were lovingly separated into colour order. So I thought I’d take advantage of the organisation and sew them in a rainbow 🙂

So here is a picture journey of the blanket so far!



A Few squares sewn, under the watchful eye of my Staffie x Collie, Sally


Sally enjoying the blanket already


Nearly finished the sewing


Now to sew in the ends!


A little close up of starting the border in the School’s colours


Row two of the border, and a super good shot of the whole blanket


Lots of little squares made by school children


I just love close ups, right?

The next stages will be to build on the border, more pale blue to establish a good outline, and then I am planning to use the Burgundy school colour to make a scalloped edge maybe? I’ve been wanting to try out some interested edging stitches 🙂

More updates to come soon!

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