I have two main strings to my bow, spinning and lampwork. I love them both!


I love working with different types of fibres to create lots of different types of wool. I love working with colour, blending colours to create gradients and landscape style yarns.



My influences come from organic forms, nature, underwater species and deep sea creatures. I find the natural organic forms almost soothing, therapeutically and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I adore Art Nouveau images, jewellery, sculpture and architecture. I spend my free time sketching and doodling spirals, plants, shells, and shapes taken from African masks. I have a collection of shells and barnacles from all over the world. My image collections are filled with Sea slugs, corals, giant clams, and I find the colours of these species endlessly inspirational.

I spend a lot of time drawing my initial ideas, trying out shapes and colours in different combinations. I use watercolous, acrylic inks, biros, pencil, and acrylic paint to bring my ideas to life on paper. I take my drawings (and spare paper! ) Into my studio to start the making process. Sometimes my glass may look exactly like the images I’ve drawn, sometimes they will have essences of my initial ideas, and sometimes the glass steers me in a completely different direction. It is this fluidity of the making process I find facinating about glass.

I find inspiration from the glass itself. Glass wants to be round, glass wants to move in a fluid and organic way. My work combines the organic forms of nature with the natural fluid form of glass.

My techniques:


During my degree I taught myself Lampworking, also known as Flameworking. I melt rods of glass with a purpose built torch. The torch uses Oxygen and Propane fuel. I use three types of glass, “soft” soda-lime glass (104coe), glass that I compatible with furnace glass (90-94coe), and Borocilicate glass (coe 33) that is very strong and used for large scale sculptures.

My Education and experience

After gaining an interest in Ceramics at College through an Art and Design BTEC course, I attended Buckinghamshire New University and completed a BA(Hons) in Ceramics and Glass, specialising in glass blowing. I taught myself Lampworking whilst I was studying at University. Since graduating in 2011 I have been continuing my lampworking/flameworking and have developed a wide range of skills and knowledge to allow me to start a business. 

Rebecca Bean